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Creative Friendz is a Web3 project that's creative-focused and community-driven. The project was founded by Pedro Orlando, with art by German Gonzalez, award wining artist and designer! Creative Friendz is aimed to bring utility to all of us creators, from designers and illustrators to content creators, musicians, photographers, writers, and we welcome all creative individuals. Creative Friendz is intended to be a diverse and inclusive creative collective, and we like to call it The Creative Friendz Collective.


Creative Friendz is not just another NFT PFP project; it's a Web3 Project for creatives that plans to build tools and utility (non-economic) for holders, partner collections, and creators in three distinctive ways— firstly by building free Web3 tools for creators to use by reducing the tech barriers in Web3, secondly by developing our collection to explore the metaverse & gaming, and by exploring developing Creative Friendz into a strong IP and brand both digitally and IRL.
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Founder & Creator
Pedro is the founder of Creative Friendz & The Bubols projects. He is a "finance guy" with experience building companies, products and startups for creators. He builds for the creator economy. He is also a content creator, photographer, web3 founder & sci-fi geek!


Artist & Co-Creator
German is the Artist behind Creative Friendz! He is an award winning graphic designer & digital illustrator. He works in fashion, music, and mostly in the editorial field for the top brands we all know and love! He also has amazing NFTs on Foundation!


Hi Friendz! My Name is Pedro and I'm the founder behind Creative Friendz! Besides my long career in finance of almost 25 years, I have been working as a creator and alongside creators for the past 8 years. In that time I realized that creatives don't always have the best tools, as a company or startup might have, and that sometimes the gap is just too big. When web3 appeared, way before NFTs, I saw the opportunity this new technology would represent for creatives. And I wanted to build something cool and it's now called Creative Friendz.

My vision for the project is to become one of the first Web3 projects to really focus on building and taking care for the creative community by bringing utility to all creators alike. I never envisioned Creative Friendz to be another NFT project, but rathera creative collective. Our NFTs collections will be just a nice consequence of being a creative Web3 project, and having a great artist like German in the ranks as Artist & Co-creator.

Creative Friendz is a membership for all creatives, not just an NFT project. The plan to build value over time by creating free Web3 tools for members or partner collections to use. Tools that will lower the Web3 tech barrier to a few clicks, connect you to other creatives, help build meaningful communities and empower you via digital ownership through blockchain. Our collections items will be membership keys, always with the creator in the center, starting with the Alpha release on May 21st 2022.

How are we different from so many other projects? For starters, we are all doxxed, I have a clear vision for the roadmap, and have plenty execution experience. As a creator and founder myself, I understand the true meaning of a creative community, beyond the one the current space offers.

Also, I'm quite a hand-on founder, always just a few clicks away if you want to have a conversation about Creative Friendz, the future of Web3, and the new creator economy. You can reach out to me by joining my Twitter Spaces on Fridays or Creative Friendz Discord.


At Creative Friendz we want to be sure we reduce our impact as much as possible, that's why we made our contract a 721A. This contract is the same used as other big projects. This optimized 721A smart contract allows you to mint more than one units for basically the same cost as one. This reduces the total gas someone will have to incur per transactions and also reduces the environmental impact a bit.


The supply, price & date?
How to Allowlist to mint?
What is the utility?
What are NFTs?
Will there be a Public Sale?


Interested in @CreativeFriendz, please join Discord & create a collab ticket!
Do Not Click on any DM, Message, or Link that's not official. Creative Friendz is a membership, and it's Digital Collectibles in form of NFTs and do not have any intrinsic economic value. Nothing here or related with Creative Friendz represents financial advice, related to or implies any direct or indirect economic return associated with it. Creative Friendz is a collective of creatives under a membership granted by holding any of the Digital Collectibles NFTs.
Copyright of the artwork attached to the collectible remains with © German Gonzales and related IP with © Orlando Pedro - for more information head over to Discord or read more on Terms & Conditions